Redefining the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias


Arvada is a drug discovery and development company committed to developing medicines for patients with abnormal heart rhythms.

Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy

Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy is associated with defects in the cardiac desmosomes – proteins that help to anchor cardiac cells to each other. This leads most commonly to abnormal heart arrhythmias that can be life-threatening, but patients can also develop heart failure. As many as 40% of patients will die or need a heart transplant within 10 years of diagnosis.

Patients with ARVC can have mutations in the genes that make up the desmosome, but as many as 50% of ARVC patients do not have any genetic mutation that can be found to explain their disease. Arvada has identified a new disease mechanism based on patients’ own antibodies – these can be found in both patients with or without underlying genetic mutations. Arvada is working on a therapy that can treat ARVC patients regardless of their genetic status.

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Cardiac Sarcoid

Sarcoidosis is a systemic inflammatory disease that can also affect the heart, i.e., cardiac sarcoid. As many as 20-30% of all sarcoid patients have some impact of sarcoid in their hearts. Patients with cardiac sarcoid frequently have abnormal heart arrhythmias that look like ARVC and can deteriorate rapidly.

There is no specific therapy for cardiac sarcoid. The same antibodies that are found in ARVC can be found in cardiac sarcoid patients, and may be treatable with Arvada’s approach


Post-Covid Arrhythmias

Long Covid has affected large numbers of patients in the last 3 years of the pandemic. One component of Long Covid appears to affect the heart, with the development of heart palpitations and increased risk of arrhythmias. Studies show that Long Covid can last years past the initial infection. Arvada’s research has shown that infection with Covid can increase the chance that a patient develops the same antibodies found in ARVC patients and may be treatable with our approach.

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